Youth & Young Adult Ministries
St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Parish


Terms: Full Time Employee

Experience: 0-2 years

Education: Undergraduate Degree

Base Pay: $42,00 - 46,000 salary

Applications: Send applications or inquiries to

Job Description

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the pastor, the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries is responsible for designing, developing and implementing comprehensive programs that evangelize, catechize and minister to junior through senior-high youth and with a vision to expand to young adults. The position includes overseeing the catechetical formation for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Recruiting, training, supporting, and supervising teams of parishioners who serve as catechists and leaders is essential to the effectiveness of these ministries.

Consistent with the evangelizing mission of the parish and our Lord's Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20), this ministry should seek to engage a large number of youth and young adults: those who are actively practicing Catholics, those who have fallen away, and those who have not yet been introduced to the fullness of the Gospel.
As a dynamic agent in the new evangelization to the youth and young adult culture, the

inistry should have a highly visible presence both in the parish-including all six mission churches-and the local community. Therefore, he or she will need to be an active, registered parishioner, residing in one of the communities the parish serves, either before or upon the date of employment.

Essential Functions

  • Plan, direct and evaluate a comprehensive youth ministry program consistent with vision described in the 1997 NCCB document, Renewing the Vision - A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry.
  • Plan, direct and evaluate a comprehensive catechetical program, including formation for Confirmation and studentparent catechesis, for junior-high youth.
  • Plan, direct and evaluate young adult ministry program consistent with the vision described in the NCCB document, Sons and Daughters of Light.
  • Coordinate weekly youth gatherings and at least monthly young adult gatherings.
  • Serve as an active, engaged member of the parish community, staff and parish pastoral council, as requested.
  • Foster good relations with and offer catechetical and ministerial support to the Hispanic community.
  • Evangelization: Develop outreach programs and design and lead retreats. Ability to share faith and lead others to do the same. Assist in the formal catechesis and inclusion of youth and young adults in the RCIA process. Active presence at local school sporting events and others places and events which provide opportunities for youth and young adult evangelization.
  • Prayer and Worship: Design and lead prayer services and liturgies and involve youth in appropriate liturgical ministries.
  • Leadership Development: Recruit, train, support, and supervise teams of adult catechists, volunteers and youth leaders.
  • Community Life: Develop community both among youth and young adults and between them and the broader faith community.
  • Justice and Service: Develop programming that educates and leads youth and young adults in justice and service (e.g., mission trips, work camps, local social service programs).

Supporting Functions

  • Conduct regular training and planning meetings with ministry leadership teams.
  • Facilitate successful social media marketing campaigns to promote events and engage new members.
  • Maintain regular office hours and oversee the Youth Center while providing regular weekly opportunities for youth to do homework, recreate and relax in a safe environment.
  • Be present at and/or participate in many of the parish social activities and regularly be present at the Masses at the seven churches, especially those that offer opportunities to connect with youth and young adults.
  • Collaborate with parish DRE on common areas applicable to both ministries.
  • Participate in and collaborate with various parish events and organizations while engaging youth in the overall life of the parish.
  • Coordinate necessary youth ministry fundraising activity to provide adequate funds for program implementation.
  • Collaborate with clergy and staff. Seek input in planning the youth and young adult ministry goals and programming.
    Prepare and submit annual financial reports and budgets; administer budgets throughout the year.
  • Make special efforts to gain the endorsement, support and involvement of all adults, especially parents and parish organizations that are funding youth ministry.
  • Keep the parish informed of ministry and catechetical activities and goals.
  • Maintain accurate records of participants, volunteers and programs.
  • Promote good public relations within and beyond the parish.
  • Participate in diocesan and regional events.
  • Plan programs in compliance with the USCCB curriculum requirements.
  • Comply with Diocesan Safe Environment requirements.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of: Principles and methods of youth ministry and evangelization; principles and methods of young adult catechesis; principles and models of youth retreats; adolescent development; leadership development; youth ministry resources and their application to adolescents; diocesan and national guidelines and trends in youth and young adult ministry; solid understanding of sacramental theology and Catholic morality; and the Church's mission in the Diocese of Sacramento and St. Katharine Drexel Parish.

Skills: Organization and management, leadership development, effective communication, creativity, vision, ease of relating to youth and young adults and creating community among them, self-motivated, group facilitation, and willingness to work frequent evening, weekend and off-site hours.

Minimum Education, Training and Experience:

  • Practicing member of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Bachelor's degree in Theology, Philosophy or related field preferred.
  • Two years working or volunteering in leadership capacity with teenagers in a parish setting.
  • Commitment to work towards national and diocesan certification, as required, and continuing professional education.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and electronic means of social media.


About Saint Katharine Drexel Parish

Saint Katharine Drexel is a vibrant, diverse 1,400 family parish in Amador County, Calif. The Parish Center is located in Martell, an hour from Sacramento and two hours from Tahoe and San Francisco.

Parish Mission Statement:
We, the Amador community of St. Katharine Drexel Parish, are united in our Catholic faith. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and led by the example of St. Katharine who served the marginalized, we are strengthened by the Eucharist and strive to serve all God's people while evangelizing future generations.